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The Secret Files of Section D

Pulp action sequence from The Secret Files of Section D. Flying cars may not be in this game

What is The Secret Files of Section D?

It's a Table Top Role Playing Game powered by the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules. Players take on the roles of agents working for the British Secret Intelligence Service, specifically Section D, which was established in early 1938. Section D will go on to be one of the building blocks of the Special Operations Executive. 

A section D operative being mysterious and clandestine

Set against the backdrop of a world in turmoil, our heroes take on missions to protect King and country. Officially tasked with spying on Fascists and Bolsheviks, a standard Section D mission typically meant photographing railway yards and water towers. Many operations were not standard though. Not by a long way. So far from standard, in fact, that their exact details remain closely guarded secrets to this day.

The Secret Files of Section D after action reports file

Section D agents saw and thwarted schemes so fantastic, the public simply would not believe they were real at all. Small details of some of these operations have leaked into popular culture, but nobody thinks for one moment they are true stories.

These are The Secret Files of Section D.

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The Secret Files of Section D references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at www.peginc.com. Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

Here's a short animation about the game

A short video to introduce the game and show off some more of the stunning artwork we have. Enjoy!

What's in the book?

The Secret Files of Section D is a guide to the classic era of pulp adventure and espionage. Written in an historically accurate manner, the book presents the world as it was at the beginning of 1938 and builds pulp tropes, espionage and high adventure on the top. Presented as a case bound hardback book, The Secret Files of Section D includes:

Players section

  • Introduction to Section D and being a spy
  • New setting rules including Blaze of Glory 
  • New edges like Essential Gear (think Indy's whip) and Magic Laundry (ever noticed how Bond always looks immaculate no matter what he's been doing?)
  • New Hindrances to give your agent that pulp flavour
  • Character archetypes to get you playing faster
  • Detailed equipment section including weapons and vehicles of the era
  • Section D equipment list. Q Division has been hard at work!
  • Historically accurate guide to the major world powers at the beginning of 1938

GM's section

  • Guidelines for three campaign styles: military, espionage and pulp
  • Guide to creating master villains, their minions and their amazing devices
  • A study of organisations including the Secret Intelligence Service, NKVD, Ahnenerbe and other intelligence or research agencies around the world
  • Secret societies and master villains
  • Bestiary including example villains and many stranger things
  • The villainous equipment guide including “Crater bases and how to build them”
  • Mission and McGuffin generator
  • Example “one-shot” adventures



Simon Burley - Play Tester and RPG author

Jan Jetmar - Research collaborator and RPG author

Jan Jetmar - Research collaborator and RPG author

"I’ve been lucky enough to have played in Allan's Section D since the beginning. Allan has always been an extremely expert and capable designer of engaging adventures for Savage Worlds in a variety of settings. But in Section D he has exceeded himself. Pulp adventure - with paranormal elements - set between the two World Wars, it features a rip-roaring sequence of adventures that span the globe. He’s clearly researched each and every setting visited in detail - as it was in the real world - before turning things on their head. Each adventure is fun, extremely well paced and very engaging. Most of all, however, the puns and jokes in the writing are both perfectly suited to that period of history whilst also being extremely funny. A very heady cocktail."

Simon Burley is the Creator and Co-Author of Golden Heroes, the Superhero Roleplaying Game. 

Jan Jetmar - Research collaborator and RPG author

Jan Jetmar - Research collaborator and RPG author

Jan Jetmar - Research collaborator and RPG author

"I first came into contact with Section D when Allan did the research for Better Latte Than Never and we discussed Prague in the ’30s. It is a well thought out adventure with some tongue-in-cheek moments. I had a few laughs just reading it. From what I have seen of The Secret Files of Section D so far, it promises to live up to and exceed that experience!"

Jan Jetmar is a valued collaborator, expert on Savage Worlds and publisher of Wand Magic for Savage Worlds, available at   https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/302052 


How do I get it?

Update - 25/03/2020.

Due to the unprecedented events around the Covid-19 Outbreak, we have decided to postpone the launch of the Kickstarter. Rest assured that work continues on the book and there will be a taster of what to expect released very soon. 

In the mean time, everybody please stay safe and well,


The development blog of Section D

About Imaginarium Games

Imaginarium Games. A producer of material for Savage Worlds, home of The Secret Files of Section D

Imaginarium Games is a producer of Role Playing Games and associated materials. Headed by Allan Wroe, a Role Player and Game Master for over 30 years, Imaginarium Games aims to provide players and GMs with outstanding resources to create memorable gaming experiences. 

It all started at a games convention a few years ago with what was supposed to be a one off adventure using the Savage Worlds Role Playing Game. The pulp adventure, Better Latte Than Never, pitted an intrepid unit of agents working for the British Secret Intelligence Service against an over the top selection of Nazis and cultists. Laced with puns and intentionally bad translations, the players loved it and wanted more, and then they wanted more. 

That one off game became a campaign that has run over several years and remains a staple for the convention's Friday evening entertainment. 

When more people asked if they could play, who were we to refuse them?

Imaginarium Games is the home of The Secret Files of Section D, a pulp, spy roleplaying game set in a world on the brink. 

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The Secret Files of Section D in 4 minutes 42 seconds

Want to get a feel for The Secret Files of Section D in under five minutes? Check out this awesome clip from the BBC show Red Dwarf. Was Ace Rimmer a Section D agent? We'd like to think so.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXYfnWRp1Q0 

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